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Choir Ninja, with Ryan Guth

Apr 25, 2017

After all your work, it’s time to debrief the troops. Directors, feel free to be critical of yourself in private. But when you are in post-concert analysis with your singers, it’s all about counting your wins. In this unique episode you get a full recording of Ryan talking to his class the day after their spring concert. Singers are in a position to notice things that you don’t, so a wise Choir Ninja will value their perspective.   Listen: Highlight to Tweet: “If you do something well, you should do more of that thing.” - Ryan Guth Show Notes:

  • Before the concert: Timestamp- 5:40
Get the perspective of the ushers and greeters The decorations, program, pre-concert music, and welcome staff should set the tone for the concert
  • During the concert: Timestamp- 12:50
This is where most of your wins are. Call them out, and celebrate them!
  • After the concert: Timestamp- 39:00
Your response to comments after the show is always, “Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” 3 Key Takeaways:
  1. Count your wins. Call them out by name, and celebrate them!
  2. Performers have a different perspective of the concert than the director. Mine their perspectives to make your next concert even stronger.
  3. When your audience expresses their appreciation for your performance, allow them to do so. Don’t cut them off or list your mistakes. Accept compliments and criticism with grace.
Resources/links Mentioned: BLANKMAP USA UTAH
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