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Choir Ninja, with Ryan Guth

Jan 10, 2017

In today’s episode you’ll learn ways to deflate your head so it doesn’t block your audience’s view (and enjoyment) of the concert. My new podcast CHOIR NINJA is coming soon! Click below for more info! choir_ninja_podcast_final Technique Tuesday NEW 1



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My notes...

Remember, in a school situation, your audience is obligated to attend

  • Their child/family member is in the choir
  • Based on previous experience, they would never choose to attend on their own
  • Your ego chooses your repertoire
    1. You program recitals, not concerts
    2. You think the purpose of choir is solely to educate, not entertain and you don’t believe in a middle ground.
    3. The repertoire you choose is too hard for your choir to perform well.
    4. Not vocally appropriate.
    5. Everything is a ballad.
  • You’re unlikeable from the stage
    1. You don’t acknowledge your audience’s presence
    2. You have the kids introduce the pieces so you don’t have to
    3. You never smile
    4. Your gesture is all about you
    5. You think you’re a SJW so you make political statements that divide
  • Your audience doesn’t feel welcome
    1. No attention to detail
  • You give yourself a solo
  • That concert program you made in Microsoft Word and you don’t provide translations
    1. It’s ugly
    2. You headshot is the biggest!
  • You don’t take pride in your choir’s appearance
    1. No uniform
    2. Hair in face
    3. Distracting accessories
    4. Unnatural colored hair
  • You don’t take pride in your appearance
    1. Your leggings are a barrier between you and the choir
  • Your concert is way too long
    1. Keep it under 75 mins

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